Outdoor Water Play {Simple Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer}


The summer heat is upon us. If you are anything like me, summer means an inner struggle of wanting to be outside but not wanting to be miserable in the heat. Heading to the pool is a great way to beat the heat, but it’s not always possible and can feel like a big adventure. Some easy water activities can be set up in the backyard to help your little one beat the heat and enjoy exploring water.


Car Wash

Put the kids to work while still letting them have fun. Give them the house, a bucket of soapy water and sponges, and let them go to town, giving your ride a bath. It’s a fun and practical activity that’s a win-win for everyone. Your kids have fun and you have a clean car!

Colored Water

Grab some spray bottles or clear cups and add some colored water. It’s easy to make it with either food coloring or liquid watercolors. The kids will love painting the sidewalk and exploring colors. It’s also a great way to teach (or review for the older kids) color theory and mixing colors to make new ones.

Water Balloons

Who doesn’t love a water balloon fight? Grab some balloons or they even have reusable ones now that you can use over and over again. It’s a great activity to help burn the energy and tire everyone out before nap time.

Reuse Bath Toys

If your bathroom is anything like mine, it’s cluttered with bath toys… squirt toys, boats, foam letters and cups. Take the bath toys outside with a bin of water and let the new play experience begin. Watch your child’s imagination unfold as they explore familiar toys in a new environment.

Hopefully, these quick and easy activities make beating the summer heat a little easier. If you can’t head to the pool, these are simple water activities that can be quickly set up in the backyard. Don’t forget your chair in the shade and a cool glass of lemonade.


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