5 Online Dating Tips for Single Moms


If you’re a single mom like me, chances are you will dabble in the world of online dating at some point, if you aren’t already. There are a few tips I’ve learned along the way that I want to share with my fellow single moms out there.


Webchat or FaceTime with the person before you go out on a date.

This will save you a lot of time by weeding out the liars and catfishers. Some people use really old pictures for their profile and this helps you from being blindsided.

FYI, if they ask you to use WhatsApp or a different communication app from the dating site you were on, they are a catfisher. Catfishers want to get information from people without getting caught. Other apps don’t have as many rules (if any) whereas online dating sites have workers looking at messages and checking out reports of fake profiles.

Make your first date a very low-key meeting that you can leave from when needed.

I recommend a breakfast, lunch (or brunch), coffee, or ice cream first date. Do this while the sun is up for safety. No drinking alcohol (or using other substances, if that needs to be said).

Don’t let the person walk you to your car.

Similarly, don’t get in their car or have them transport you for any reason.

Let a trusted friend or family member know the exact details of who/where/what/when.

Have some kind of “safe word” in case you need to call them to help you.

Don’t post pictures of your kids on your dating profile.

Don’t give out specific details about your kids to a person you’re not familiar with.
What other tips do you have to share with other single moms dabbling in the dating world?


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