Birthday Business


Happy birthday to me! One of the best perks of getting older is redeeming all the free stuff companies give away for your birthday. Not wanting to give a proper noun list of companies you might not frequent or maybe will have changed their birthday giveaways when you read this, let me give you some ideas and tips you can use to successfully spoil yourself.


Do you have their app or rewards? 

I hate to think about the data mining with my app usage, but the unfortunate reality is companies ask for sign-ups for most birthday rewards. Decide if you want the trade-off of your personal data for a free dessert once a year. 

Do you already go here?

I’m not above going somewhere I don’t normally go for a promotion, but beware some places won’t send your birthday coupons if you’ve never ordered before or sign up too close to your birthday. I called one place looking for my coupon, and they replied I hadn’t been there in the last year so it wasn’t sent.

Look early.

Such a variety means some companies send promotions 30 days ahead, at the beginning of the birthday month, at the beginning of the birthday week, or even not until your actual day. Don’t miss out because you weren’t checking. 

Keep a list.

With so many different types of promotions with different expirations, I make a note in my phone of the company and the expiration date. You don’t want to let them expire before you’re able to use the offer.

It’s not always “free” free. 

Many birthday coupons are free with purchase, like BOGO coupons. I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth but just be prepared when it isn’t a scot-free experience. 

I hope these tips get you on the way to enjoying many birthday goodies!


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