I Started Doing Stand-Up Comedy {You Can Teach an Old Mom New Tricks}


I got settled into a routine of mommin’ where I thought, “This is fine but something is missing.” I used to do theater and I am a very expressive person, naturally. I had an opportunity to do an open mic night at a local comedy club, and I found it very liberating.

When I first decided to do comedy, most people didn’t believe me.

I come off as very shy and reserved to most people. Those who know me best encouraged me and showed up to see me perform. They knew how funny I was. I loved it! I do it just for myself. I don’t consider what “other people” would think of as funny. If I am laughing about it myself,  then that is my barometer. Now I turn every situation into a potential joke to use, whether it’s appropriate or not, “safe for work” or not. I can enjoy how funny it is, whether or not I share it. I think this is a wonderful new way of looking at life.

Since I have a theater background, it made sense for me to create characters and perform as a character with a costume and a different identity. This has vibed with me because I can give voice to all the parts of me; the sassy one, the classy one, the trash talker, or whoever I am feeling at that moment. No, it’s not how I normally am but I get to have a way to vent those emotions in a constructive way that helps other people experience the catharsis of laughing. It’s very liberating for me. Total win-win.

I have had conversations with other moms who also have started new things at this point in their mommin’ career. One of my friends started taking drum lessons and now has a cute little garage band with her husband and her kids who also love singing and music. She can play some really cool rock classics.

What will you try? I encourage you to do it!


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